There are 5 things in life you cannot recover: A stone...after it's thrown. A word...after it is said. An occasion...after it's missed. The time...after it's gone. A person...after they die. Life is short. Break the rules. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably. Never regret anything that made you smile. Enjoy Life!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day yesterday.  It was uneventful for us.  My girls had the day off school (as they do today and Monday for mid winter break).  Hubby worked late so we ran to Subway to pick up some dinner.  Before he left for work in the morning he left me carnations in three different colors (my favorites), a Cadbury milk chocolate bar (also my favorite) and a little stuffed puppy.  I bought him three packages of Nutter Butters, a card, a Mylar balloon and......the same stuffed puppy.  We both had a good laugh when we saw the puppies.  He said he had two other stuffed animals in his hand but put them back when he saw this little guy.  Guess after 26 years we are starting to think the same...ha, ha, ha


In honor of Valentine's Day I put some pictures on Facebook of when hubby and I were in the early years of dating in high school.  This is one of my favorites.  Oh do I wish I still looked like that and was that young again (I was 16 or 17 and he was 18 or 19 in this photo).

My oldest daughter has a wonderful new boyfriend.  He is the sweetest guy and treats her so well....okay he down right spoils her...LOL  They have been dating for a month.  He is in his first year of college, she is a junior in high school.  Both are extremely smart.  Last night he took her to the Cincinnati Observatory for their Valentine's Day night under the stars.  He is taking her to a behind the scenes day at the Cincinnati Zoo on Saturday.  He showed up at the door with a rose in hand.  They were so cute all dressed up. 

I got a wonderful Valentine's gift from my secret stitcher.  It all came in this really, really cute tin.  I just love hearts.  The socks were worn yesterday.  The sweets are being eaten and I can't wait to stitch something with the yummy threads.  I am sure I have something Valentine/heart related I could stitch....LOL.  Why yes I believe there is a whole file folder of freebies...tee hee hee.

We received an unexpected 3" of snow on Wednesday.  Unfortunately most of it was gone by the next day.  It was so beautiful coming down.  Yes, I am a snow freak and have been know to wake the whole house up in the middle of the night to tell them all it is snowing and come look out the window.  No, they don't really seem that enthusiastic at 2:00 a.m.  This is a picture I snapped from my bedroom window looking out into the neighborhood. 

I do so miss having a real winter with lots of snow.  Spending my first 10 years living in the East was filled with lots of fun snowy winters.  We did get more snow the first several years of living in Cincinnati then we do now, but with the weather patterns shifting the past few years we are now getting little teasers of snow, rain, and intermittent Spring like days all winter.  No wonder we all have sinus issues.  My daffodils are already coming up.  Oh well, guess I need to start thinking about Spring stitching.
Love, Light and Happiness to all,