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Friday, March 22, 2013

Welcome Spring???

Spring is technically here according to the calendar, but I think someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that.  It is sunny but cold here.  Saturday it is supposed to be around 50 degrees.  The weatherman is saying a winter storm is moving in for Sunday.  Now in Cincinnati a winter storm could mean anything.  Right now it means rain to snow with possible significant accumulations of snow Sunday night into Monday morning.   Again in Cincinnati "significant accumulations" could be 1"-5" of snow.  In my book that is NOT a significant accumulation. 
I have wishful thinking that Spring is on its way.  My daffodils are ready to bloom.  I see more critter activity outside.  Nature is slowly waking up.  I took this the other day.  He was sitting there just as quiet and peaceful as could be eating his nut. 
I hung up this wonderful banner that my Secret Stitcher gave me on the front door.  Maybe it will help bring on Spring. 
Below are the other wonderful items that my Secret Stitcher included in my Spring gift.  Can't wait to stitch the chart.  The flower set is a pad of paper and the stem is an ink pen...FUN.  Believe it or not I have not eaten the chocolates...yet.  I love these, especially the white chocolate ones.

I have been doing a little Easter stitching.  No matter how hard I tried I could not get any good pictures of these two.  I used the new camera in several different places in the house and my cellphone.  Still could not get a good picture.  You get the gist though.  They are really cute.  My favorite is the first one.  If I stitch the second one again, I will use different linen.  The chart came with the linen.  They are both Lizzie Kate designs. 

I have also been plugging away at my John Foster Sampler.  A group of ladies in my Sampler Guild are doing this as a SAL.  I have worked ahead quite a bit....bad me.  I just wanted to see how my colors were going to work out (yes I changed some of my colors) and I am enjoying watching it come alive.  I made a new blog friend due to this sampler.  Her name is Barb from the Wicked Stitcher blog.  She had stitched John Foster and I loved her color changes.  She so kindly shared with me what she had changed and the linen she used.  I used many of her color changes and a few of my own.  I am using a different linen than she did, so I needed to change a few colors to work better with my linen.  Thank you Barb for being so generous and sharing the changes you made. 

Since it is going to snow again in a few days I thought I would share with you a couple pictures I took during the last snow we received a couple of weeks ago.   The last snow was the first snow day my girls have had all year.  By the next day most of it was melting away.  No, the below picture does not belong to a bear....LOL 

It belongs to this silly girl who is desperatly waiting for warmer weather and longer walks.   Poor Indigo Rain.  What a sad face.  

I was sitting in our home office and looked out the window and just thought this was such a pretty picture. 

 That is all for today.  Thanks for letting me share.

Love, Light and Happiness,