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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Independence Day!!

Friday, May 3, 2013


I can't believe it is May already.  I think I missed April completely.  I have been "busier than a one legged man in a butt kickin' contest" for sure.  There have been so many things going on with my daughters and family.  This weekend we have about 5 different things to do or go to in two days. 

PLUS it is Junior Prom weekend for my oldest.  We got her dress and shoes on sale.  The shoes were on clearance and I had a coupon so they only cost $13.00...what a steal.  So far the most expensive part of prom have been the two tickets for prom and after prom.  She has been super busy with school.  She has taken one ACT test but was not happy with her score, so she is signed up for the next one.  She also has a post-secondary test to take so she can take college courses during her senior year in high school.  We are working hard on getting her to drive and get her license before the Fall school year starts.  She has had her temps for well over a year, and had not really wanted to drive (not the typical almost 17 year old).  I told her I was not calling a taxi to take her from the high school to the community college (which is a part of University of Cincinnati) in the Fall...LOL  Now my youngest daughter wants me to start teaching her how to drive now at age 14 (well almost 15).  Once the tests are taken, the driver's license is received, we will start applying to colleges and for scholarships. 

Color Guard starts on Monday for my youngest and that will be twice a week or more until November.  I am involved in the Band Boosters Car Show next weekend (unless it rains then it will be the following weekend) and there will also be a band banquet the following week.  She is looking forward to all of the marching band/color guard activities starting.

We also had our computer and printer both die within the past month.  No viruses just complete hardware failure.  My computer guy, otherwise know as hubby, could not fix hiss.  So off we went to burn a hole in the Best Buy credit card.  There is only so much I can or want to do on my I-Phone.  I NEED my desktop computer.

I have a 3rd job interview on Monday.  I had a phone interview the beginning of March, an in person interview with the interim manager the beginning of April and Monday I will have an interview with the hiring manager.  The job sounds promising.  It is 15 minutes away from home, in the same office park as hubby's work, same type of work I was doing with my last two jobs, and in the same pay range.  I have enjoyed my eight month sabbatical for the most part, but it is time to get back out there and put the awful circumstances from the last job behind me and move on.  Indigo will not be a happy girl because she likes having me home, but it should be just a couple of weeks between me starting the job...if I get it...and when the girls are out of school. 

Below is a picture of my big girl on her couch.  Other than getting in bed with us and the lazy boy in our office which she also claimed so she can look out the back windows, she is not allowed on any other furniture.  This is a hand me down couch I have had for several years and has seen better days.  We plan on getting rid of it - hopefully soon ;-).  Not sure how we will break the news to Indi...LOL  She spends a lot of her day here looking out the front windows.

Here is a better picture of her couch.  She takes up pretty much of the couch herself.  If you sit there (at your own risk I might add since it is full of dog hair and treat fragments more often than not) she will jump up and sit on you while trying to sit next to you. 

On the stitching front, I have been working on a model.  It is beautiful and I can't wait for you all to see it.  I have missed all my stitch groups for the past month and will probably miss the one tonight.  Not enough hours in the day.  Hopefully I will be able to make it to at least one stitch group this month, if not there is always next month.

I will try and get back next week with a proper update that will include a trip Mom and I took to Lebanon, Ohio last weekend, prom pictures and anything I may find on our trip to the Antique Mart in Lawrenceburg, IN on Sunday.

I will leave you with a quote I found on one of the stitching groups I belong to on Facebook.  It would be great charted up and on a sampler.
Take your needle, my child, and work at your pattern; it will come out a rose by and by. Life is like that - one stitch at a time taken patiently and the pattern will come out all right like the embroidery." ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

Love, Light and Happiness,


Friday, March 22, 2013

Welcome Spring???

Spring is technically here according to the calendar, but I think someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that.  It is sunny but cold here.  Saturday it is supposed to be around 50 degrees.  The weatherman is saying a winter storm is moving in for Sunday.  Now in Cincinnati a winter storm could mean anything.  Right now it means rain to snow with possible significant accumulations of snow Sunday night into Monday morning.   Again in Cincinnati "significant accumulations" could be 1"-5" of snow.  In my book that is NOT a significant accumulation. 
I have wishful thinking that Spring is on its way.  My daffodils are ready to bloom.  I see more critter activity outside.  Nature is slowly waking up.  I took this the other day.  He was sitting there just as quiet and peaceful as could be eating his nut. 
I hung up this wonderful banner that my Secret Stitcher gave me on the front door.  Maybe it will help bring on Spring. 
Below are the other wonderful items that my Secret Stitcher included in my Spring gift.  Can't wait to stitch the chart.  The flower set is a pad of paper and the stem is an ink pen...FUN.  Believe it or not I have not eaten the chocolates...yet.  I love these, especially the white chocolate ones.

I have been doing a little Easter stitching.  No matter how hard I tried I could not get any good pictures of these two.  I used the new camera in several different places in the house and my cellphone.  Still could not get a good picture.  You get the gist though.  They are really cute.  My favorite is the first one.  If I stitch the second one again, I will use different linen.  The chart came with the linen.  They are both Lizzie Kate designs. 

I have also been plugging away at my John Foster Sampler.  A group of ladies in my Sampler Guild are doing this as a SAL.  I have worked ahead quite a bit....bad me.  I just wanted to see how my colors were going to work out (yes I changed some of my colors) and I am enjoying watching it come alive.  I made a new blog friend due to this sampler.  Her name is Barb from the Wicked Stitcher blog.  She had stitched John Foster and I loved her color changes.  She so kindly shared with me what she had changed and the linen she used.  I used many of her color changes and a few of my own.  I am using a different linen than she did, so I needed to change a few colors to work better with my linen.  Thank you Barb for being so generous and sharing the changes you made. 

Since it is going to snow again in a few days I thought I would share with you a couple pictures I took during the last snow we received a couple of weeks ago.   The last snow was the first snow day my girls have had all year.  By the next day most of it was melting away.  No, the below picture does not belong to a bear....LOL 

It belongs to this silly girl who is desperatly waiting for warmer weather and longer walks.   Poor Indigo Rain.  What a sad face.  

I was sitting in our home office and looked out the window and just thought this was such a pretty picture. 

 That is all for today.  Thanks for letting me share.

Love, Light and Happiness,


Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day yesterday.  It was uneventful for us.  My girls had the day off school (as they do today and Monday for mid winter break).  Hubby worked late so we ran to Subway to pick up some dinner.  Before he left for work in the morning he left me carnations in three different colors (my favorites), a Cadbury milk chocolate bar (also my favorite) and a little stuffed puppy.  I bought him three packages of Nutter Butters, a card, a Mylar balloon and......the same stuffed puppy.  We both had a good laugh when we saw the puppies.  He said he had two other stuffed animals in his hand but put them back when he saw this little guy.  Guess after 26 years we are starting to think the same...ha, ha, ha


In honor of Valentine's Day I put some pictures on Facebook of when hubby and I were in the early years of dating in high school.  This is one of my favorites.  Oh do I wish I still looked like that and was that young again (I was 16 or 17 and he was 18 or 19 in this photo).

My oldest daughter has a wonderful new boyfriend.  He is the sweetest guy and treats her so well....okay he down right spoils her...LOL  They have been dating for a month.  He is in his first year of college, she is a junior in high school.  Both are extremely smart.  Last night he took her to the Cincinnati Observatory for their Valentine's Day night under the stars.  He is taking her to a behind the scenes day at the Cincinnati Zoo on Saturday.  He showed up at the door with a rose in hand.  They were so cute all dressed up. 

I got a wonderful Valentine's gift from my secret stitcher.  It all came in this really, really cute tin.  I just love hearts.  The socks were worn yesterday.  The sweets are being eaten and I can't wait to stitch something with the yummy threads.  I am sure I have something Valentine/heart related I could stitch....LOL.  Why yes I believe there is a whole file folder of freebies...tee hee hee.

We received an unexpected 3" of snow on Wednesday.  Unfortunately most of it was gone by the next day.  It was so beautiful coming down.  Yes, I am a snow freak and have been know to wake the whole house up in the middle of the night to tell them all it is snowing and come look out the window.  No, they don't really seem that enthusiastic at 2:00 a.m.  This is a picture I snapped from my bedroom window looking out into the neighborhood. 

I do so miss having a real winter with lots of snow.  Spending my first 10 years living in the East was filled with lots of fun snowy winters.  We did get more snow the first several years of living in Cincinnati then we do now, but with the weather patterns shifting the past few years we are now getting little teasers of snow, rain, and intermittent Spring like days all winter.  No wonder we all have sinus issues.  My daffodils are already coming up.  Oh well, guess I need to start thinking about Spring stitching.
Love, Light and Happiness to all,

Thursday, January 31, 2013


This past Saturday was my birthday.  We did not do much since my oldest daughter was coming off a week long stomach virus and hubby was starting with the flu.  We did manage to go to a bookstore and I got a couple of quick reads by Diane Mott Davidson (the caterer Goldy Schulz series)  and order a battery & charger set for the camera he bought me for Christmas.  He also bought me some flowers and cupcakes.  This weekend we are going to my parents house to celebrate my niece's birthday (Jan. 13th) and my birthday.  We have not been able to find a time for us all to get together until then.  

While at Stitchaway (see previous post) several of my good friends gave me early birthday gifts.  Needless to say I was spoiled rotten again by these wonderful ladies. 

From Linda who shares the same birth date with me I got some beautiful Victorian Motto threads.  She said it was my ice cream sundae since all the color names sound like they are from the soda shop.

Lisa (The Inspired Stitcher) stitched me this wonderful pillow.  She is a fantastic seamstress and I am always very honored when she gives me something she has made. 

Marsha (Everybody Loved Clark) gave me a little pouch filled with different threads, a little pin ball and a sewing kit.  I love red and was very happy with all the red things.  Marsha was my secret stitcher last year and sent me some fantastic things. 

Patti (no blog) is our frog lady.  She loves frogs and whenever any of us sees something "froggy" we think of her.  She stitched me this button frog that is a magnetic needle keep.  She also gave me this neat scissor holder and scissors. 

My secret stitcher this year left an anonymous bag on my seat at Stitchaway when I was off someplace else (probably shopping...LOL).  The candle is lemon mint and smells wonderful.  The lotion is fabulous.  I wish you could see how pretty the mosaic is on the candle holder.  The chocolate did not last long.  I love anything milk chocolate with caramel or opera cream.  I did share with my kids and hubby.  
I have been wrestling with the tummy bug my oldest daughter had last week and taking care of hubby with his respiratory flu, so I have not been very productive this week.  I have done a tiny bit of stitching and will post something about that soon.
This weekend is the annual Super Bowl sale at the LNS.  We have the monthly stitch night there on Friday, so I may come home with something I just could not live without.  I still have twelve dollars left of my Christmas money that I did not spend at Stitchaway that is burning a whole in my pocket...LOL
Be back soon with a stitchy update.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Over Martin Luther King weekend our local LNS (Keepsakes Framing & Floral) had its annual Stitchaway weekend at Hueston Woods State Park. Well, it is actually a little longer than a weekend. Some go as early as Wednesday night. I went on Thursday morning. We stay until Sunday morning. It is a great weekend filled with nothing but stitching, laughing, spending time with friends old and new and....SHOPPING.  Yes, the owners of the LNS bring a ton of items and set up an annex with six different trunk shows along with bins of 50% off items and various other things for us all to drool over and purchase. 
I was especially excited over the Stacy Nash trunk show.  I just love her designs.  I did not come away with too many because I actually own quite a few already...LOL.  I did however find many other things to spend my Christmas money on.  The bottom picture has two charts that I got the day I left for Stitchaway.  They were part of my Christmas gifts from my hubby.  They were on back order.  The chicken kit was in the 50% off bin and he just made me smile so of course he had to come home with me.

Below is a shot of the conference room where we spent our weekend.  There were some folks who took advantage of stitching in other parts of the lodge (like in front of the huge fireplace in the lobby area).  One of the days I wore my Guard Mom shirt that I got when my youngest was part of the color guard in marching band this past Fall.  It had the name of the high school on it.  This is the same school that my hubby & I graduated from.  The lady in the bottom picture called me over one evening and asked me if I went to school there and remembered this particular math teacher.  Well, guess was her.  She was my math teacher in high school.  What a small world.   

The owners of the LNS are so wonderful to all of us.  They provide a pizza dinner on Friday nights, they put goodie bags with free charts and snacks together and on Saturday nights they usually have other goodies for us.  Last year they had a theme for the weekend which was strawberries.  This year was hearts.  We had several "make it & take its" and our snacks were put into this great photo box.  Along with all of this one of the girls made heart necklaces for everyone there.  There were 86 of us.  All the necklaces were different. 
We also have a show 'n tell on Saturday night. There were some fantastic stitching that was shown. Below are just a few examples of what was there. Remember I said last year was strawberries? Well, several of the girls stitched their strawberry chart but added their own little twist to make it more personalized.   The frames they are in were part of the gift from last years retreat.  I still have to get mine stitched.  I know what a slacker...ha, ha, ha.
I did not get a ton of stitching in this year, but did get some done.  I started and finished this BBD chart and started on the La D Da Star Pouch.  The rest of the time I worked on my John Foster sampler border (more on that at a later time).  
It was a long, wonderful weekend that I look forward to every year.  What a great way to start a new year!!


Monday, December 31, 2012

A Little Stitching

I have some stitching to show for the month of December.  The first one I started around Thanksgiving and finished it about two weeks later.  I decided to include it in my December stitching since that is when it was finished.  I really enjoyed stitching this one. 

"Ornamental Joy"
Country Cottage Needleworks
32ct. Country Mocha Belfast
DMC & WDW threads
 This next one is a freebie I have had in my stash for a long time.  My oldest daughter has wanted me to stitch this for her.  I finally broke down and stitched it.  The picture is a little light.  I will have to use the new camera hubby bought me for Christmas instead of my phone next time.  Also pardon the wrinkles, I was not in the mood to get the iron out when I took these pictures.

"Sammy Snow cone"
Stitchy Kitty
32ct. Antique Blue Belfast
DMC threads

 The last two came from past issues of JCS ornament magazines.  The first I think is from the 1998 issue and the second is from the 2000 issue.

 "Christmas Joy"
Little by Little
32ct. scrap
Called for threads
I made two changes on this one.  I did not do the extra stitch of red/copper in the border and I changed the sheep's body color to DMC 3033.

"All is Calm"
Little by Little
36ct. Vintage Examplar (Lakeside Linens)
DMC threads
I think I may go back and finish the satin stitches and attach the beads/charms on my Lizzie Kate Halloween Mystery Sampler now.  If I don't get it done soon it will go into the UFO pile and may not see daylight for a long time.  I am going to be starting a new sampler  in the next couple of weeks by Historic Stitches called "John Foster" . A group of ladies in my Sampler Guild are doing this as a SAL so I thought I would join along.    Of course I have another sampler I am chomping at the bit to get started called "Francis Pool" by With Thy Needle & Thread.  Hubby let me order it as a Christmas gift from him (he refuses to order things online...LOL).  It has not come yet.  I am sure I will get that started soon also.  Nice thing is the John Foster sampler is being broken down into monthly assignments so I should be able to do other things in between.
Happy Stitching!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012


WOW is December really gone???   What a whirlwind it has been.  I thought, since I have been out of work, that things like Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts, cookie making, etc.. would be easier and I would be ahead of the game.  Guess what...I was more behind this year than ever.  I finished shopping, wrapping and made 5 different kinds of cookies and peanut butter fudge three days before Christmas.  I did have a lot of my shopping done before this but still had plenty to do the week before.  In the end we all had a wonderful Christmas.  I was completely spoiled rotten by my hubby, daughters and by the rest of my family. 

I did attend our annual sampler guild's Christmas party.  It was a very nice lunch with lots of wonderful surprises.  There is a general ornament exchange and a secret stitcher ornament exchange for those that participated in the year long secret stitcher program.  It is on the day of the party that secret stitchers reveal who they are.  One of my good friends, Marsha was my secret stitcher this year.  She really sent me some wonderful things.  Below is the last thing she gifted me with for December.  I was floored when I opened my package and saw the chart with all the threads.  Talk about being spoiled.   Unfortunately a couple of my good friends could not make the Christmas party this year and were missed terribly.  Marsha has some good pictures from the party here including a great picture of Linda in her Christmas headband and picture of some of us (including me on the right side on the end).  Lisa also has some good pictures here and here.

The Christmas party committee had some wonderful gifts for each of us this year.  We each got a stitched snowman jar with candy inside.  A packet of charts, some threads and the cutest little notebook for our stitching bags.  I also won one of the door prizes which contained a thread holder, some threads and a $5.00 gift certificate to Wasatch Needlecraft (a new to me online store). 

I also received some wonderful gifts from my friends. 
From Marsha (aka my secret stitcher) we received a cute basket, WONDERFUL smelling votive, mint tin and overdyed floss.
From Lisa (The Inspired Stitcher) we received a Whitman's tin (yes there was, key word on was, chocolate in the tin), threads and chart to make a fob and pin cushion to go inside the tin.

From Linda (my birthday buddy - we share the same birth date) I received this super stitched pillow.  I just love the way it is finished.

And last but not least from Patti.  Patti found these glass salt cellars in an antique shop over the summer.  She stitched each of our initials (over one and very tiny) and put them into the cellar as tiny pin cushions.  She even included a tiny counting pin.  How amazing is that.  That whole thing is probably about silver dollar size or maybe a little smaller.  I just LOVE it.

I have some wonderful friends and I am surrounded by such talent.  I am very proud to call them all my friends and look forward to yet another year of friendship, laughter and fun with each and everyone one of them. 
Thanks for sticking it out for this long post.