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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

20 years ago.....

today I married my high school sweetheart and best friend.  He is the love of my life.  He is a fantastic man, wonderful husband even when is is annoying the heck out of me or snoring like a buzz saw, and father.

I came home from work today and found this beautiful basket of flowers.  He said he wanted the biggest one they had in the case.  How sweet is that. 

I also wanted to share a picture of my 15 year old.  She went to her 10th grade homecoming dance this past weekend.  She said she did not want a fancy prom dress since she was not going with a boy.  She is not one to smile for the camera so I get very happy when I get a picture of her happy face.   She meet up with a couple of her friends and had a wonderful time.

In case you are all wondering what the heck is coming out of my ceiling, it is a red towel.  We have had a roof leak for a couple of years and hubby cut a hole in the ceiling to try and track the leak down.  We got a new roof this year and they did a couple of other repairs.  We are now waiting a couple of months to make sure the leak is stopped before the folks come back and repair the wall the fireplace is on (replace the drywall and beams, paint etc...).  The insurance company is picking up the tab for the interior work.

Be back soon with another update.



  1. Oh Christie - what a gorgeous bouquet! Very sweet of your DH and you do deserve every leaf.

    Your daughter is such a pretty young lady. The dress is great; cool and elegant. I think that she looks a lot like her mom! :-)

  2. Happy Anniversary girlfriend! I hope your day was good. Great pic of girlie. I'm glad you caught her smilin'


  3. Happy Anniversary Christie. What lovely flowers and a beautiful daughter. Sure hope your ceiling is fixed.


  4. Your daughter is beautiful! Happy anniversary! LOL about the buzz saw comment. My older daughter recently had some friends over, who visited with her past the time the rest of us went to bed. One of the girls had to use the downstairs bathroom & when she went back into the room with DD and her friends, she said to another friend about DH, "His snoring is so loud, it sounds like he's in the bathroom with you!". ROFLOL We still tease DH about that.

  5. Aww your daughter is beautiful :-) She's ready for the cat walk mom. Happy Anniversary! Hubby did good, ay? I always love fresh cut flowers, anytime. I'm with you on the snoring too. I've got one of those :-)