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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stitching & Squirrels

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  My oldest daughter, Kayde, spent the night with my parents on Wednesday so she could help Grandma cook the night before and the morning of Thanksgiving.  I think that may be a new tradition for them.  Kayde loves to cook.  Hubby was off work all week and besides the usually errands and housework we did some Christmas "scouting" (shopping the malls looking for Christmas ideas for the girls) and put up the Christmas decorations.  One good thing about not having a job right now is I get to spend some quality time with Hubby when he has time off at the holidays.  In the past I have always worked when he and the girls were home.  He has always had more vacation than I did. 
I did manage to find some stitching time in between all the running.  The first picture is of two ornaments that I stitched for exchanges.  They are for next weekend, so I need to get to Mom's and have her make them into ornaments for me.  The snowman is stitched on a random linen from my stash with DMC & WDW threads.  It is a design from Val's Stitching Stuff.  The other piece is by Country Cottage Needleworks (JCS 2012 Christmas issue).  It is stitched on 32ct. Antique Ivory with the recommended threads.

This next picture is what I am working on now.  I have been down all week with a cold, that my darling daughter so nicely shared with me, so I have gotten a nice start on this.  I love the colors.  I did change the recommended linen from Lambswool to 32ct Country Mocha Belfast.

"Ornamental Joy"
Country Cottage
32ct. Country Mocha Belfast
DMC & WDW threads
Now for the Squirrel part of the post.  When we have bread, fruit or veggies that are past their prime for us to eat, we toss it outside for the critters to partake in.  I had some Sourdough bread that got a bit moldy.  Of course I did not see the mold until I had already eaten two pieces of it...YUCK!  So we pitched it into the bird feeder.  Not soon after it was put out did this little guy find it.  You should have seen him trying to carry a full size piece of bread across the yard and try to get it up a tree.  We watched him for 15 minutes.  He would have to stop part way across the yard and put the bread down and eat a little.  When he finally reached the tree he wanted to go up, he got half way up and dropped the bread.  Down he went to retrieve it and try again.  He did this several times before he had success and managed to get up the tree.  Silly critter. 
Off to take some more Mucinex-D and put a few more stitches in on Ornamental Joy before I have to pick the girls up from school.

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  1. I love how the ornaments turned out! Your "joy" is coming along nicely too. Gotta love those silly critters. They do make you smile.