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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Over Martin Luther King weekend our local LNS (Keepsakes Framing & Floral) had its annual Stitchaway weekend at Hueston Woods State Park. Well, it is actually a little longer than a weekend. Some go as early as Wednesday night. I went on Thursday morning. We stay until Sunday morning. It is a great weekend filled with nothing but stitching, laughing, spending time with friends old and new and....SHOPPING.  Yes, the owners of the LNS bring a ton of items and set up an annex with six different trunk shows along with bins of 50% off items and various other things for us all to drool over and purchase. 
I was especially excited over the Stacy Nash trunk show.  I just love her designs.  I did not come away with too many because I actually own quite a few already...LOL.  I did however find many other things to spend my Christmas money on.  The bottom picture has two charts that I got the day I left for Stitchaway.  They were part of my Christmas gifts from my hubby.  They were on back order.  The chicken kit was in the 50% off bin and he just made me smile so of course he had to come home with me.

Below is a shot of the conference room where we spent our weekend.  There were some folks who took advantage of stitching in other parts of the lodge (like in front of the huge fireplace in the lobby area).  One of the days I wore my Guard Mom shirt that I got when my youngest was part of the color guard in marching band this past Fall.  It had the name of the high school on it.  This is the same school that my hubby & I graduated from.  The lady in the bottom picture called me over one evening and asked me if I went to school there and remembered this particular math teacher.  Well, guess was her.  She was my math teacher in high school.  What a small world.   

The owners of the LNS are so wonderful to all of us.  They provide a pizza dinner on Friday nights, they put goodie bags with free charts and snacks together and on Saturday nights they usually have other goodies for us.  Last year they had a theme for the weekend which was strawberries.  This year was hearts.  We had several "make it & take its" and our snacks were put into this great photo box.  Along with all of this one of the girls made heart necklaces for everyone there.  There were 86 of us.  All the necklaces were different. 
We also have a show 'n tell on Saturday night. There were some fantastic stitching that was shown. Below are just a few examples of what was there. Remember I said last year was strawberries? Well, several of the girls stitched their strawberry chart but added their own little twist to make it more personalized.   The frames they are in were part of the gift from last years retreat.  I still have to get mine stitched.  I know what a slacker...ha, ha, ha.
I did not get a ton of stitching in this year, but did get some done.  I started and finished this BBD chart and started on the La D Da Star Pouch.  The rest of the time I worked on my John Foster sampler border (more on that at a later time).  
It was a long, wonderful weekend that I look forward to every year.  What a great way to start a new year!!



  1. Christie that sounds like so much fun.Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics.Hugs,Jen

  2. That sounds like a really fun way to spend a week-end! Funny about your math teacher! Wonderful stash!