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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some Stitching

I noticed today I have 13 followers.  Cool!  Not only is 13 one of my favorite numbers (7 is the other favorite) but there are folks out there who actually want to see what I have to say.  I thought when I started this blog I would just be talking to myself. 

I promised the other night I would post a picture of a recent finish (not a good picture.  it has been overcast and raining here all week).  Unfortunately it is not a finish I get to keep.  I am going on a weekend retreat and there is going to be an exchange.  I stitched this little fob.  I am in a Fall mood.  I sure hope whomever gets it likes it.  Mom sewed it together for me this past weekend.  This is a freebie chart I found on this blog  Cross Stitch Happy.  There are some really nice freebies on this blog.  I picked my own colors and added green and orange beads to the inside border.

On a side note, the picture in the background is of me and my great grandmother.  Nanny was a hat milliner for some big department stores in New York City.  In this picture is is working on some dolls.

It has been a very stressfull week at work and with the girls going back to school.  Hubby comes home from Germany on Saturday....YESSSS!!!!!!   I know I will be ok once I get to the retreat tomorrow night, but right now I am really not ready to go away.  Guess I better get my butt in gear and get packing.   



  1. That fob is too cute, Christie! Love the colors and the beads add such a nice sparkle!
    I haven't started packing yet either, btw...

  2. Oh girlie, that fob is too dang cute! I can't wait to see it and you in person very soon. I'm counting down the hours.

  3. The fob is very pretty Christie. Hope you have a great time at your retreat.


  4. Great job on the fob, Christie! Your finishing looks great, too. Enjoy the retreat!

  5. Beautiful pumpkin fob and the beads are a nice touch. What a sweet photo of you and your great grandmother! Sounds like she had an interesting job and probably met some interesting people! ~Roberta