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Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

I have lots of things to share, but will leave that for another day when I have more time to make a longer post. 

I did want to share my favorite commercial from the Super Bowl.  I am sure it was a favorite of all.  My girls and I love the song by LMFAO anyway, but add a red M&M to it and you have a winner!

I also put $4.00 in for two squares on the office football pool.  It is very rare that I ever win anything.  Guess what...I won $40.00 in the first quarter and another $40.00 in the second quarter.  I am sure you could hear my hubby whooping it up across town when I won.  Now to decide if I want to stash shop or save my money until the monthly Antique Mart in Lawrenceburg, IN opens back up for the season in May.  Did you ever think it would be that hard to decided what to do with $80.00???

Be back soon.



  1. I think the M&M's commercial was my favorite too. Whatever you decide to do with the $ enjoy it. If you can hold on to it until May you are amazing ;-)

  2. Hmm...that's a tough choice. LOL! Maybe you could split it, half on stash and the other half for antiquing. What a great problem to have. :o)

  3. I'd go antiquing 'cause you know you're going to buy stash anyway, he he he