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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Missing in Action

Since my last post I have:
  • Had a cold
  • Gone to a stitching retreat
  • Started the "Elizabeth Easton" sampler by the Goode Huswife
  • Celebrated my 40th birthday
The cold was not fun and I was down for a week with it.  At least it was the week before the retreat.

The retreat was great fun.  We were there from Thursday night until Sunday morning.  Our LNS puts this retreat on in January every year.  This year I think there were over 70 people in attendance.  There are no classes, just stitching, a little shopping (LNS brings trunk shows and a whole bunch of other goodies for us to spend our Christmas money on) and lots of laughing.  Here are two snaps of the stash I got:

On the retreat and last week during my birthday I also received some great birthday gifts from my wonderful friends.  They all spoiled me rotten.  Jenny gave me a "Stitch Happy" water bottle.  I dink lots of water, so it was perfect.  Adele gave me a great pair of Valentine's day socks and the above Lion chart.  Lisa made me two wonderful zippered fabric pouches that hold me stitching project and floss/tools.  Marsha gave me a pretty, pretty piece of linen to stitch a snowman chart for my oldest daughter on.  Linda sent me a needle threader and Meem gave me a very tasty piece of pie.  Like I said I was SPOILED ROTTEN.  I have such wonderful friends.

My husband and daughters sent flowers to work and gave me this beautiful paw print necklace:

Another post I will show you the alphabet sign that my parents, Aunts and Grandma gave me and the pottery candle holder my sister gave me.  We went to my Mom & Dad's yesterday for dinner and cake. My IBS and Firbomyalgia were both acting up, so I was not feeling the best, but had a nice time.  Mom read our tea leaves and it looks like bright happy things are finally coming my way.

Until next time, stitch and be happy.


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  1. Glad to see your post girlie girl! It's good to be spoiled on your b-day. Especially your big-0 birthday.