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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Backyard Friends

We live in the suburbs around 25 miles East of Cincinnati.  We have trees and a steep drop off in our backyard.  The drop off leads to a creek some more trees and then a busy road.   It always amazes me to see the amount of wildlife we get at this house in a neighborhood compared to when we lived out in a small, small country town.   We have raccoons, owls, deer, foxes, opossums, skunk (Indigo met the skunk up front and personal two years ago...YUCK!!!!!), all kinds of birds - including hawks, turkey vultures and many different kinds of woodpeckers, lots of squirrels and of course the usual icky critters like toads and snakes.  Did I mention that a 4 ft. long 3 in. thick snake almost feel on my husband's head when he opened the shed door last summer?  The snake was crawling up the door when Jay opened it.  Of course I took off running to the house......YES I AM A CHICKEN!!!  I love critters, just not the slithery and amphibious kind. 

I thought I would share some pictures we took a couple of weeks ago of our deer feeding from the corn in the back yard.  After they all came up from the creek we had a total of 10.  I just love the twins.

Here is a picture from this past spring of one of our baby red foxes.  There were 4 of them.  Mama brought them up everyday and they played in the backyard and ran around the shed chasing each other.  They were so fun to watch.  They came for several months and then they all left and went their own ways.  We could never get a good picture of their faces.  He/she was standing on a small leaf pile we made out behind the shed.

I just love seeing all the critters and the nature.  Someday I am going to move to the woods, live in a log cabin, sit on my porch and just enjoy the peace, quiet and beauty that exists in this world.  For now I will just enjoy my not so quiet but still beautiful piece of the world.


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  1. That is just wonderful! The twins are totally cute! Thanks so much for sharing the photos with the rest of us!
    I agree that silence is under appreciated. Sometimes I just want to get away from all the noise in the small town neighborhoods. There is always a leaf blower or a mower going somewhere. Sigh! I'll come and visit you in your cabin - and I promise to be quiet! :-)