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Thursday, August 4, 2011


I know it has been a long time since I made a good long post.  Sorry about that.  Summer just seems to be flying by.

June we celebrated six birthdays including both of my daughters.  My girls are two years and 12 days apart in age.  I now have a 15 and a 13 year old.  WHERE DID MY BABIES GO?????

June also brought a wonderful class by Ellen Chester of With My Needle.  Several friends and I put the class together.  Ellen taught her "Long May She Wave" class.  I just loved the class.  We not only stitched but we also had a wonderful history lesson about the flag.  If you ever get a chance to take a class from Ellen you will not be dissapointed.  My piece is at the finishers so when it come back I will post a picture.

Also in July we celebrated my sister's birthday and a trip to the G.I. doctor.  The doctor ordered  an upper G.I. with a small bowel follow through.  Pretty harmless test, but the barium made me sick all weekend.  He wants to do a colonoscopy and a bioposy, but I am putting that off for several months.  I not only need to get my nerve up but I also need more PTO time at work.

Over July 4th week my husband and I took the week off work.  We had a "staycation" again this year.  One of my favorite days that week was going to the Lawrenceburg monthly antique mart at the fairgrounds.  It was hot even at 8:30 in the morning, but I managed to find a few things I could not live without.  Yes, this is a dog crate I used to take the pictures on.  It is near the window with the best light in the house and well the dog wasn't using it at the time.

I am going to put a battery operated, grungy candle in the old grain scoop. 

I looked up the mark on the bottom of the pewter bowl and it said the earliest was from 1928.  I just love the shape of this piece and I think I am going to put some fake apples (or pumpkins for the Fall and shiny christmas balls for Christmas) in it.

 I LOVE stoneware and this is just the prettiest dark blue.  There are not chips or cracks in it. 

The flag is not old just aged.  It was only five dollars and I could not pass it up.  I knew I wanted to drape it over the edge of this shelf.  It is pefect.

The antique mart is this weekend.  I hope I can talk hubby into taking me again.   I only have a few more months before it stops for the winter.  October is the last month it will run until the Spring.

I have been stitching, but I can't show you what cause it is a secret.  I am working on a model for Heartstring Samplery.  You can see some of her charts here Heartstring Samplery Esty.  The design is so cute.   I know you will all love it when she publishes it.

I did receive a wonderful package from my Secret Stitcher in the mail.  It was a Christmas in July package.  Aren't those measuring spoons cute as can be?

So far August seems pretty tame.  My Mom took my Grandma back to Mass. to stay with my Aunts.  Grandma stays in Cincinnati for half the year and the other half in Bedford.  She is 93 and still fiesty.

We have one month until school starts for the girls.  They start school the week of Labor Day. 

Thanks for sticking it out to the end of my long post.  I will post again soon.



  1. Great post girlie! Love all your goodies. Looks like your Secret Stitcher spoiled you rotten this time. See ya tonight!

  2. Hi Christie:) First of all I want to encourage you to get your medical issues dealt with soon. I need to go to the dr. myself, but am agoraphobic and can't go out of the house. I know what I should do, it's just a matter of making myself do it. Ugh!
    Awesome old finds and sweet secret stitcher gifts:) Take care and keep cool.

  3. Nice Christmas in July stash. Love your antique finds. I've been wanting to go to Burlington's antique fair. I am for sure going to miss it in Aug. Maybe Sept.

  4. Your girls are 13 and 15 now? Wow!!! I still can not believe that you are *old enough* to have teenagers! LOL
    I love your idea of using the scoop as a candle holder - it will look really cool and unique. Post a pic showing us how it looks when you get a chance, please?