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Sunday, August 7, 2011


Busy weekend I have had.  Friday night I was at the LNS stitching with my friends.  I did not get much stitching done.  I was tired and had a headache after working all day and the shop was on the warm side so I just did not have the motivation to stitch a ton.  I did get a couple of new threads just cause I liked the color and a new JBW Designs chart, "Squirrel". 

Saturday hubby and I pulled some weeds, ran to the grocery store, the Borders closing sale and Office Max.  While at Office Max I found this neat pencil pouch that I thought would be great to hold the little misc. things that get thrown in the bottom of my stitching bag (tape measure, clips, pen, stitching tools, small colored pencils, etc...).  It was under $3.00.
They came in several different colors but I went with the black.  It goes with any color stitching bag I may use and I have my OCD to deal with when it comes to things going together.

Saturday also brought some fun mail.  I bought this off e-bay (or the "bay of evil" as my friend Lisa calls it):
Of course I had to have it.  It is prim, is a crow, has a key, and has a picture of Edgar Allen Poe and the word "Nevermore" on it.  HOW COOL!!!  I have bought several birds from this seller and they are made so nicely.  The seller is Primpenny.

Today we got up super early, picked up my Dad and drove to Lawrenceburg, Indiana (about 30 minutes from here) for the monthly Antique Mart.  It rained early this morning so it was muddy and not all the vendor spaces were filled.  I did manage to find two things to bring home.

A witch star, #2 whiskey jug (not sure of the maker of this one.  I can't seem to find a good place to tell me about the marks on the stoneware I so dearly love). 
And we were not sure what this is but I LOVE it.  I am going to hand it in the kitchen and use it as a two holed shelf.  It is aged so nice.  The bottom and the middle pieces are metal and it looks as if the metal pieces are supposed to be moved in and out of the grooves.  Some kind of slicer I suppose.

 The rest of Sunday has been just being lazy and gearing up for the work week.   Work...UGGGHHHH!!!!!

Be back soon, 



  1. Looks like another successful trip to the antique fair indeed! I think your shelf might be a soap mold. Hey Marsha, what do you think?

  2. Hmmm, not sure it's a soap mold, I was thinking maybe butter or cheese. It's a great find though and I LOVE that bird. I have a bunch of crockware too, mostly given to me by my Mom and MIL. Just wish I were better at displaying them.