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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Run Away...

...and for heavens sake put your shoes back on!

There was a snake inside the building at work today.  It was in the hallway between the bathroom and the conference room.  I am so glad I was not the one to find it.  I am terrified of snakes,  (note to self, maybe that is WHY you do not stitch Adam and Eve samplers?????) and I do not want them anywhere near me even if there is glass between us at the zoo.   This one was pretty small, around 8" or 9".  Apparently someone saw him slither behind the door that divides the two halves of the building from the lobby.  They cornered it and tried to scoot him into a box but he was not having it and was trying to bite all involved.  One of the big wigs from the other side of the building finally came and grabbed him right up (despite being bitten) and put his little butt back outside (do snakes have butts?????) with the rest of the creepy crawlies (like the lizards...yes we have little lizards in southwest  Ohio.  Another big YUCK!!!).

A lot of us take our shoes off while sitting in our offices and will occasionally walk to the printer (next cube over) without the shoes going back on.  WELL, thought occurred to myself and the lady I sit next too that we could easily have stepped on above mentioned creepy with our shoeless feet.   Ewwwwweeee.   So I think I will keep my shoes on all the time, at least for a little while...

We actually have a BIG creepy that lives in our back yard.  It is a 4 foot long black snake.  One day my dear hubby opened the shed door and the snake was crawling up the door.  It almost fell on poor hubby.  I saw hit jump back and ran so fast back to the house.  My poor Indi dog went running after me until she hit the end of her lead.  YES, I was a good MaMa and went back for my baby to save her from the big snake that of course was not wheres near her or me.  We both went into the house and from the safety of the screen door hollered out to hubby to inquire about how BIG the creepy was.  Hubby said longer than his leg and about 3" thick.  I have not been to far into the backyard since.   I am a HUGE chicken when it comes to snakes, frogs, toads and lizards.  If you have fur, feather even quills I am good with you (ok, exceptionally hairy men and big hairy spiders do gross me out and so do the bugs will a million legs).  Generally a l love all critters.  I have learned to deal with the worms when I am gardening as long as I don't have to touch them.  The same with fish and our Mr. Turtle.  I like them as long as I don't have to touch or eat them.

The girls have two weeks until school starts.  I guess this weekend we will go get some of their supplies.  Then it will be rush to get haircuts and a few more pairs of shorts that are "school appropriate".   The school has no A/C so jeans are not going to be worn for at least a month or two. 

Hubby goes to Germany for work the same week schools starts.  He is a bit nervous about this.  The only other time he has left the country was many years ago when he went to England, also for work.  Wish I could go with him.  I have never been out of the country, not even to Canada.

On the stitching front, my model stitching is coming to a close.  I have one and a half motifs to stitch and then it can make the trek back across the country.   It is such a cute design.  I am ready for Fall stitching so I think I will do a few small things here and there before I start the sampler I am going to stitch for the Historical Society.  I also need to finish my LHN "Liberty" piece.   I also want two of the new BBD Halloween charts very badly, so I may need to stash a little and then the "to do" pile might get shifted a little.  Of course I also have to make 3 Christmas exchange ornaments to.....(Big SIGH).  I wonder if I could take a short leave from work to do nothing but stitch and watch movies all day with my big girl, Indi.....pondering, pondering.....

Be back soon.



  1. Ack! I hate snakes too. When I worked, I would slip off my shoes too, but luckily didn't have any snakes slither into the office.
    Oh no, how long will hubby be in Germany?
    That would be great if you could take a few days off and enjoy yourself stitching. I hope you'll share your projects with us:-)

  2. Oh girlie, that is just too creepy! We do the same thing in our office with the shoes. I would just die if I stepped on a snake. Eweee!!!

    I'm glad the model is about done. I know you've worked really hard on it!

    See ya tomorrow!

  3. LOL about the 'that's why I don't stitch A&E samplers'! Yikes on the snake. I would FREAK. That's one good thing about Ireland--no snakes!